Welcome to DIAMAS!
Created by two friends passion for bringing people together around the table.

The word Diamas is of Latin heritage referring to the geometry of the stones and the beauty of ice crystals, coined by contraction of the words ADAMAS (Greek: invincible) and diaphanous (greek: transparent).

 Our Vision
Redefining the home-liquor drinking experience. Through cutting edge design, cooling performance and ergonomic function.
How we do this?
Through the combination of scientific geometry and the use of higher end materials. Delivering inimitable cooling function and flavour enhancement.
What makes us different?
We specialise in original design production across our entire product range. Delivering opulence design ergonomics. Primarily targeting the Whiskey, Gin and Cocktail markets. 
By investing in product from Diamas you are contributing towards our mission to achieve climate positive certification status by investing in various green projects and continuing to revise business practices to ensure minimum environmental impact in every aspect.
Design & integration

Tyrian Purple;
For us, the colour of significance, due to the high cost and intensive production, produced from the mucus of several species of Murex snail. Rome passed a sumptuary law that declared only the elite of the Roman Empire could wear a garment of so decedent a color. Estimated 8500 Murex snails to make enough dye for a single garment, one pound of dye costing 150,000 denarius equivalent to 15,000 sterling in current times.
Making Tyrian Purple the choice of colour to represent Diamas.

The curious objects that have bewildered archeologists for centuries. Greek for 12 faces, the Dodecahedron is not a natural shape, Roman “dodecahedra” date from the 2nd to 4th centuries AD.
The Dodecahedron geometry has been intergrated at the heart of our brand, and the shape of choice due to it's unique look and elusive history.
Co-founded by Jansen & James
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